Constantly varied functional movement executed at high intensity.  CrossFit training happens in a group setting, and focuses on achieving results across all 10 recognized domains of fitness.  

In-Home or in the gym, one-on-one personal training is tailored specifically to your individual goals and needs.  We focus on effective movements to help you achieve your goals in the time-frame you set.  


One Degree Elevated

Group Training

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personal training

* Functional fitness * customized personal training *

Group training includes Boot Camp as well as specialty classes with a specific focus on total strength development or gymnastics and cardiovascular conditioning.  

One Degree Elevated specializes in group functional fitness training, CrossFit, one-on-one Personal Training, and customized fitness programming for our members.  We offer group training classes as well as individualized training for all fitness levels and abilities.  Whatever your goals, we can help you achieve the results you are looking for.  Contact us or drop in to learn more or get started today!